Acoustic / Resilient Wall Ties

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50mm Cavity Acoustic Wall Ties

Novaplas Group Manufactures Polymer acoustic wall ties for use in party walls. These resilient brick ties will not Decay, Rot, or Rust. They can be used in Coastal Areas and Non Coastal Areas.

These cost-effective brick ties have been standing the test of time for quality builders around Australia since 1996.

Australian Standard: AS/NZ2699-2000

Ni Tie Resilient Wall Ties have been tested to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZ2699-2000.

Reduce Sound and Vibration

The Novaplas Acoustic Wall Tie reduces air-borne noise transference.

Safer Working, Less Injuries

Rounded ends to prevent injury and central hole to assist bond in mortar make working easier and safer.

Use Novaplas Acoustic Wall Ties on your next building project.

Polymer Wall Tie Spacing

Generally there are 3.6 units per m2 which is the same as stainless steel or galvanised wall ties.

Overall Length Of Polymer Wall Ties

NTIE50 – 180mm

NTIE100 – 230mm

STIE50 – 115mm

VTIE50 – 165mm

ATIE50 – 180mm

Why Choose Novaplas Resilient Wall Ties ?

  • They will not corrode in areas near the sea or industrial zones because they are chemically resistant, unlike galvanised wall ties that corrode and become ineffective.
  •  Ni-Ties have rounded edges and are lightweight, therefore handling is much safer and quicker.
  •  Ni-Ties high strength and stiffness make them ideal for areas subject to intense natural conditions. Eg. high wind areas, earthquake zones, and cyclone areas.
  •  Ni-Ties eliminate the problem of electrolysis in steel-framed houses when using dissimilar metals.
  •  Ni-Tie Resilient Brick Ties reduce air-borne noise transference. This means happier tenants.
  •  Ni-Ties have acoustic properties greater than steel brick ties and the Ni Tie Acoustic Cavity Wall Tie provides even further reduction of noise and vibration transference.

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