Grassrings Turf Reinforcement Grid for Car Parking

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Key Benefits of the Grassrings Turf Reinforcement and Gravel Reinforcement Mat System:

  • Open grid mat provides over 90% root development area as well as 100% grass cover.  This allows grass to grow naturally instead of individual clumps.
  • Grid is flexible and will follow land contours.
  • Easy to Shape around sprinklers and valve boxes.
  • Manufactured from eco-friendly 100% recycled chemical resistant polymer. The polymer is also UV stabilised and impact resistant.
  • Eco-freindly ‘turf paving’ for use on a residential driveway
  • Easy and fast to install, including cutting around borders, trees etc
  • Provides storm water drainage
  • The ring design is the strongest shape for grass paving as it has no weak corners. Grassrings will meet and exceed all loading criteria
  • Tested to withstand loads equivalent to 400t/m²
  • Porous surface generally provides greater percolation rate to the natural ground

Flat Packed, Easy to Install, and Easy to Transport.

Panels are 50cm x 50 cm

4 panels clip together to make 1 square meter.

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