Plastic Leach Drains

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The Drainwell Modular Plastic Leach Drain is used for new and existing homes and buildings. They can be installed below trafficable as well as non-trafficable areas.

Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains are a more cost effective option than concrete leach drains which have been traditionally used over the years.

Support Local Manufacturers

Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains are made in Australia and have a very effective infiltration open surface area. This allows the septic effluent to soak into the ground at a faster rate then other types of septic leach drains.  The Drainwell Plastic leach drain is also wrapped in geo cloth filter wrap to stop sand filling the leach drain.

The Drainwell Plastic Septic leach drain accommodates pipe inserted into the side or the top.

Are Drainwell Leach Drains Approved ?

Yes, our Drainwell product has been approved for use as Leach Drains by the Dept. of Health WA.

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