Plastic Reinforcing Bar Chairs

Combination Slab-On-Ground

Slab on ground bar chair

Plastic reinforcing bar chairs for concrete are light-weight and stackable as well as Read More...

very easy to handle. Plastic reinforcing bar chairs are designed for ground floor slabs, specifically where support for steel is required without puncturing the polymer membrane. Bar chairs are commonly used with EPS waffle pods.

Concrete bar chair spacing and combination plastic bar chair supports heights can differ.

Manufactured from selected recycled plastics for superior performance, as a result, a cleaner environment for all.

Our combination bar chairs are supplied in colour coded bags, therefore size identification is easy.

Combination Slab on Ground Bar Chairs

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slab on ground bar chairs

Slab on Ground Bar Chairs are ideal for:

• Concrete Slab on Ground construction
• Polystyrene Pod Slabs
• Swimming Pools

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The plastic sand tray provides most types of chairs with extra stability in slab Read More...

on ground construction. The plastic pizza tray is 200mm diameter, furthermore, locating pins prevent movement of the chair.

Tall Slab-On-Ground Chairs

Tall Slab on Ground Barchairs are designed as an economical, lightweight, Read More...

easy to use alternative to metal chairs with bases in deep slab situations. In addition, these bar chairs leave no voids under the bar or mesh and no rust problems.

An easy clip-on feature ensures that the chair stays in place whilst the integral base saves time and labour placing separate bases.

Furthermore, these chairs have been load tested to exceed 500kg. BSOG bar chairs are available in 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150mm cover for either bar or mesh up to 20mm.

Tall Slab on Ground Bar Chairs

Product CodeCover (a)Qty/Bag

Ideal for:

• Commercial and civil applications, specifically, deep slab on ground, concrete roadways, soft sand blindings as well as Dowel Joints.

Trench Mesh Supports

Trench Mesh Support are designed with the clip at both sides, hence, Read More...

the support can be fitted prior to lowering the mesh into the trench.

A non clip-on support in the middle also allows for tolerances in the main wire spacing of the trench mesh. Furthermore, the maximum width of 290mm avoids interference with the sides of narrow trenches. This secure support can accommodate either 8, 11, and 12mm bar or mesh, with 60mm cover.

Trench Mesh Sizes Available:

Part No.

Trench Mesh Supports are ideal for:

• Residential applications such as strip footings, foundations as well as raft slabs.

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