Drainwell Brochure

Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains are manufactured by Novaplas Group and distributed across Australia.

Novaplas Catalogue

Novaplas products are tested to Australian Standards and random testing
is performed during production.

Ni-Ties are lightweight, safe to use and are available in a range of sizes and forms to suit most applications.

This product is ideal for nailing studs and for easy storage and transportation of heavy oilfield pipes.

The resilience substantially reduces air, structure borne noises, impact and vibration in masonry walls.

Novaplas Group manufactures a vast range of Concrete Reinforcement Spacers and formwork supplies.

Plastic Bar Guards and Star Picket Safety Caps are UV Stabilised and have a Connecting Tie.

Cost effective Turf Reinforcement grid mat system, Grassrings are manufactured by Novaplas Group in Australia.

A very popular plastic leach drain new and existing homes and buildings for trafficable area and non-trafficable areas.

The Plastic Soakwells system is a far cheaper option then concrete which has been traditionally used over the years.

Designed for packing underneath precast or tilt-up concrete panels during their alignment on site.

Designed to fit 15mm – 18mm board to protect corners from damage during transport or storage.

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