Plastic Reinforcement Spacers


Slab on ground bar chair

Slab-on-Ground Spacers

Plastic reinforcement spacers specially designed for ground floor slabs.


Precast Spacers

Spacers for tilt-up walls, precast panels, as well as suspended slabs.


Solid Plastic Packers

Plastic Packing Shims

Plastic Packing Shims used to level Concrete Precast Panel, likewise Machinery, and Transportable Buildings.


Barguard with Reo

Barguards & Star Picket Caps

Bar Guards and Star Post Caps fit over the top of exposed stakes and reo bar and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

Quality Plastic Spacers made in Australia by Novaplas. Plastic Reinforcing Bar Chairs and Spacers are used in the construction industry. Plastic Reinforcement Spacers and Bar Chairs provide support for reinforcing mesh and steel bar used in concrete. As a result, the correct cover of concrete over the steel reinforcement mesh is achieved. These sturdy and durable plastic bar chairs are ideal for supporting reinforcing mesh when pouring concrete. Some of the bar chairs have a smart clip on system, making it quick to attach to reo mesh. Contact Novaplas Now.

Plastic Reinforcement Spacers

Plastic reinforcement chairs suitable for either Class 1 or Class 2 finishes. Reinforcing spacers are an essential part in every building project. They are used in concrete house slabs, precast tunnel segments, bridges as well as many other applications. Many of our spacers are made from recycled materials. As a result, less plastic waste is being transferred to rubbish dumps. We carry stock of Plastic Fastwheel spacers, used in precast walls and columns, as well as Plastic Clip Fast bar spacers.

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