Star Picket Safety Caps / Barguards

Barguards for reo bar

Barguard with Reo

These Barguard star picket safety caps are UV Stabilised, therefore they won’t lose colour quickly when used in harsh sun conditions. The Novaplas Barguard is manufactured in a Bright Read More...

Yellow Colour. The highly visible yellow stands out even more on building sites. As a result, serious injuries are reduced. These safety caps are removable as well as reusable.

Protruding reo-bar and star posts are a serious hazard, especially on construction sites. For this reason, Novaplas Bar Guards are designed to fit over the top of exposed bars. Accordingly, the risk of cuts and abrasions is reduced.

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Star Picket Safety Caps

Star Picket Safety Cap

Novaplas Star Picket Safety Caps have a Connecting Tie attached to their base, therefore preventing the star picket cap falling to the ground. Furthermore, the connecting tie holds safety flag line and orange Read More...

barrier mesh in place.

Star Picket Safety CapsHowever, duct tape and cable ties are often used to secure the safety caps to star posts on many building sites.

Novaplas manufactures Bar Guards and Star Picket Safety Caps. These safety caps are UV Stabilised, as a result, they won’t lose colour quickly when used in harsh sun conditions.

Scaffold Safety Caps

Yellow Scaffold Safety Caps are used over the end of scaffold poles to make them visible. This reduces the risk of injuries on building sites. Read More...

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