Plastic Packing Shims

Full Shims & Half Shims

Solid Packing Shims

Plastic Packing Shims for levelling Concrete Precast Panel, Machinery, and Transportable Buildings. The Novaplas plastic leveling and packing shims are made from high quality Read More...

plastic. These solid packers have a high compressive strength since they are made from high impact plastic. Furthermore, our plastic packers are tested to the Australian Standard: AS3850

Plastic Packing Shims are available in stock in the following variations

  • Full Plastic Shims 150 x 100mm
  • Half Plastic Shims 100 x 75mm
  • Horseshoe Plastic Shims 150 x 100mm

Precast Panel Packing Shims

All of our panel shims are colour coded by thickness, therefore size selection on your building site is easy. Plastic Packing Shims are also known as Construction Packers, Building Packers, or Panel Packers.

Novaplas structural plastic packers are used to level precast or tilt up panels prior to grouting. They are also used to level doors, large windows and glazing, machinery and portable buildings.

Full Shim Shown Below:

Full Shim 150 x 100mm

Half Shim Shown Below:

Half Shim 75 x 100mm

Plastic Shim Sizes Available:

Product CodeThicknessSizeColourQty/Bag
SHIM011mm150 x 100mmBrown100
SHIM022mm150 x 100mmBlue200
SHIM033mm150 x 100mmGreen100
SHIM055mm150 x 100mmYellow100
SHIM1010mm150 x 100mmBlack40
SHIM1515mm150 x 100mmGrey40
SHIM2020mm150 x 100mmWhite30
Product CodeThicknessSizeColourQty/Bag
SHS011mm100 x 75mmBrown200
SHS022mm100 x 75mmBlue400
SHS033mm100 x 75mmGreen200
SHS055mm100 x 75mmYellow200
SHS1010mm100 x 75mmBlack80
SHS1515mm100 x 75mmGrey80
SHS2020mm100 x 75mmWhite60

Horseshoe Packing Shims

Horseshoe Packing Shims

Horseshoe packing shims with either long or short slots used for placement around starter bars, locating bolts and pins. All of our shims are colour coded by thickness, therefore size selection on your Read More...

building site is easy.

75mm Horseshoe Packers

Horseshoe packers are colour coded for easy identification of thickness. Furthermore, Novaplas packers are made in Australia from high compression strength solid polypropylene. These slotted packers will not rot, corrode or shrink. Horseshoe packers are used for leveling windows, door jams, timber decking and many more applications. Window packers are also used for solar panel mounting brackets.

150mm Slotted Horseshoe Shims

Plastic Shims for precast concrete panels. Our tilt panel packers are specifically designed to withstand high loads. Plastic wedges and packers can also be used for levelling doors, large windows and glazing. In addition to this, they come in handy to level machinery and portable buildings.

Long Slot Horseshoe Shim Shown Below:

Horseshoe Shim Long Slot

Short Slot Horseshoe Shim Shown Below:

Horseshoe Shim Short Slot

Horseshoe Packing Shims:

Product CodeThicknessSizeColourQty/Box
Product CodeThicknessSizeColourQty/Bag
SHH011mm150 x 100mmBrown100
SHH022mm150 x 100mmBlue200
SHH033mm150 x 100mmGreen100
SHH055mm150 x 100mmYellow100
SHH1010mm150 x 100mmBlack40
SHH1515mm150 x 100mmGrey40
SHH2020mm150 x 100mmWhite30
Product CodeThicknessSizeColourQty/Bag
SHH01L1mm150 x 100mmBrown100
SHH02L2mm150 x 100mmBlue200
SHH03L3mm150 x 100mmGreen100
SHH05L5mm150 x 100mmYellow100
SHH10L10mm150 x 100mmBlack40
SHH15L15mm150 x 100mmGrey40
SHH20L20mm150 x 100mmWhite30

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