Drainwell Stormwater Detention Tank: Mildura

Drainwell Stormwater Detention Tank

Novaplas Group supplied another Drainwell Stormwater Detention Tank. This time it was installed directly beneath a fuel tanker truck parking area. Above all, a strong reliable product was needed to accommodate the heavy vehicle loadings. Furthermore, fuel tanker trucks can weigh up to 55T GCM.  The onsite stormwater detention (OSD) system was installed at a fuel depot head office in Mildura, Victoria.

A 267,000L Drainwell Stormwater Detention Tank was required to manage stormwater run-off. As a result, excess stormwater that would otherwise have been directed to the local council drainage system has been mitigated.

Due to the flexible design and load bearing capability of the Drainwell Crate System, valuable land space has been utilised. In addition, the developers were able to detain water on site in accordance with local council regulations. Drainwell is made by Novaplas Group in Australia from 100% recycled materials.

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Drainwell Cells are Trafficable
Low-cost Drainage System
Easily Adapted to Projects
Eliminates Open Stormwater Sumps
Lightweight Construction

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