Precast Mesh & Bar Chairs

Baseless Panel Chairs

Baseless Panel Chair

Panel Chairs are used extensively in precast and building site applications. Precast mesh and Read More...

bar chairs are used to support single layered mesh in tilt-up, precast panels and some suspended deck applications. Because the chair has four strong, stable legs, it can support mesh without collapsing or tipping, even if somebody walks over it.

Pointed legs ensure minimum visibility on the surface of the concrete. The chair is coloured a consistent grey so that it matches the colour of the concrete.

The easy clip-on mechanism allows for the chair to swing into a vertical position when lowering the mesh into the form. Additionally, it suits all mesh sizes including Y12 bars.

Baseless Combination Panel Chairs

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Precast mesh & bar chairs

Ideal for:

  • Precast and tilt-up panels
  • Suspended decks

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Fast Clip Bar Chairs

Fast clip bar chairs

Fast Clip-on Barchairs (FCB’s) are designed to make steel fixing and traceability easier,Read More...

hence each chair is identified by cover. They are made from quality materials and come in two head sizes. FCB’s accommodate different bar sizes, namely, 4mm to 20mm bar and 20mm to 36mm bar. The Fast Clip Chair range is designed for minimal exposure and therefore coloured grey to match the concrete. Fast clip precast mesh and bar chairs are available in the following sizes:

Fast Clip Bar Chairs

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Precast mesh & bar chairs

Ideal for:

  • Precast and Tilt-Up
  • Suspended decks
  • Beams, walls and panels

Fast Clip Mesh Chairs

Fast clip mesh support

Fast Clip-on Mesh Chairs are for mesh support. FCM’s are available in a wide range Read More...

of cover sizes from 20mm to 75mm. The chair is designed to clip easily to the intersection of the mesh, therefore providing greater strength and stability.

Fast Clip Mesh Chairs are coloured grey so that they can match the concrete. These precast mesh and bar chairs have minimal exposure, hence they are ideal for precast manufacturers and tilt-up construction.

Fast Clip Mesh Chairs

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Ideal for:

  • Tilt-Up and Precast Panels
  • Suspended Slabs
  • Slab on Ground with bases

Top Deck Spacer

Deckchair mesh spacers

Top Deck Spacers are ideal for supporting both top mesh and top reinforcing bars in Read More...

suspended decks, as well as thick precast and tilt-up panels and any tall spacer applications, where strength and stability is critical.

TDK plastic deck chairs are load tested to exceed 300kg. The spacer leaves a minimal footprint and is supplied in grey colour. Suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 finishes.

Unlike wire alternatives, the top deck spacer will not rust or spread under normal construction loads and can still be handled in extreme heat.

In addition, there is a cross bar between the dual supports, to allow tying the reo with wire, if required.

Top Deck Spacer Chairs

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Precast mesh & bar chairs

All top deck spacers are combination spacers (dual heights).

* For heights below 65mm the Novabone range is available.

Ideal for:

  • Top reo in Suspended Decks or Beams
  • Thick Precast and Tilt-Up Panels
  • Thick Concrete Elements
  • All reo especially bars exceeding 16mm

Bottom Deck Spacer

Bottom deck spacers

The Bottom Deck Spacer is used for supporting both mesh and large bars in Read More...

suspended decks, precast beams and panels, and tilt-up applications. Bottom Deck Spacers are lighter, offer dual heights and have no rust problems in contrast to wire chairs and concrete blocks in several applications .

Bottom Deck precast mesh and bar chairs are strong and stable, furthermore, they have 5 small dimples that ensure minimal form contact. The dimples also allow for tie wire to be placed under the spacer for fixing reo if required.

Having supports for the reo with no clips means one spacer fits all common reo size, saves steel-fixing time in horizontal applications, and the strain on hands pushing clips continually. Supplied in a grey colour, suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 finish.

Bottom Deck Spacer Chairs

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All bottom deck spacers are combination spacers (dual heights).

* For heights over 50mm and up to 220mm, the Novabone, Topdeck, B Panel & Deck Chair range are also available.

Ideal for:

• Suspended Decks and Beams
• Tilt-Up Panels
• Precast Panels and Beams
• Blinding Concrete

Heavy Duty Novabone

Heavy Duty Novabone Spacers

The Novabone bar spacer has been designed specifically for heavy weight and large Read More...

diameter reinforcing bars. Novabones are used in concrete beams for structures such as bridges and have the following features.

  • Novabones are an economical alternative to concrete moulded spacers
  • Greater stability from flat base
  • Also known as Dog Bone Spacers
  • Manufactured from high strength engineering polymer as a result they have superior strength
  • Coloured grey specifically to match concrete
  • Moisture resistant therefore they will not rust
  • Central hole for tie wire
  • Withstands high ambient temperatures
  • Laboratory tested
  • Registered Design granted

Novabone Heavy Duty Bar Spacer

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Novabones are ideal for:

Columns, Tee Roff & Super Tee Beams.

750mm Continuous Deck Rail

Continuous Bar Chairs

The 750mm long plastic Deck Rail is a continuous spacer which is strong and stable for Read More...

formwork applications. The Deck Rail is designed with sets of vertical legs at approximately 75mm centres and another vertical leg in between the sets, thus allowing a free concrete flow. They have pointed tips on the base so that they have minimal form contact.

In addition, another feature is the unique connection system at each end to enable joining to any given length on site. Even more, once connected, the clip will not separate, which is important for large projects.

Deck Rails eliminate the need for either clipping bar chairs onto the reinforcement or “chairing up” after the reinforcement has been placed.

Plastic Deck Rail Spacers (750mm Long)

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Ideal for:

  • Suspended Decks
  • Precast or Tilt-Up Panels
  • Insitu Precast Beams
  • Slabs on Blinding Concrete

Circular Spacer

Circular spacer with reo

Circular Spacers are designed and manufactured from quality plastics, for strength Read More...

and stability, and are coloured grey. The unique design offers accurate cover for 360 degrees.

The wagon wheel spacer will not twist when in position, due to the built-in sleeves which adjust to hold a wide range of bar sizes firmly. As a result, when the size of the bar increases, the cover remains the same.

The circular spacer has an open construction, therefore it will not interrupt concrete flow. It is designed to be connected to the fitment so that it is in a vertical position, enabling it to rotate when the formwork is assembled.

For 8-12mm Bar Diameter:

Circular Fast Wheel Spacers

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Ideal for:

  • Civil precast and commercial construction
  • Columns and piers
  • Bar spacers in conduit

Panel ID Plates

Panel ID Plates

Panel Identification Plates are ideal for marking concrete panels permanently. They are cast Read More...

into panels specifically for clear identification, quality control details and specifications.

If needs be, the Panel ID Plates can be removed after installation.

Size: 180mm x 75mm

Formwork Conduit & Cones


Plastic cones and conduit are used in order to provide accurate clearance for formwork Read More...

tie systems with 15mm or 20mm tie bars. Conduit is supplied in 2.90m metre lengths.

Pile Cage Spacers


Cage spacers are designed and manufactured from quality plastics, for strength Read More...

and stability. The unique design offers accurate cover for 360 degrees. The spacer will not twist when in position due to the in-built sleeves which adjust to hold a wide range of bar sizes firmly.

The cage spacer has built in locking tabs which lock it in place, hence preventing the cage spacer falling off.

Panel Fillet & False Joint

Formwork Fillet

Formwork fillet is nailed or glued to formwork, therefore creating a neat chamfer on panel edges. Read More...

It is available in a large or small profile. In addition, the small profile is also available with the nailing tail or strip.

For architectural appearances, the reusable False Joint (dummy joint) will form a decorative joint in precast concrete panels when casting.

Size Availability:

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