Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks

Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks in Melbourne

Novaplas Group supplied 2 Drainwell Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks to a multi storey apartment project in Melbourne. The first tank was installed below the roadway while the second tank was installed below the entry ramp to the car park.The structural tank design enables traffic loads to be exerted from above.

Due to the flexible design and load bearing capability of the Drainwell Underground Tank System, valuable land space has been utilised and the developers were able to detain water on-site in accordance with local council regulations.

Drainwell Stormwater Tanks are manufactured by Novaplas Group in Australia from 100% recycled materials.

More Information on Drainwell Underground Stormwater Detention Tanks
Drainwell Drainage Cells are used for the detention of excess stormwater by storing the water and allowing a reduced discharge into stormwater pipes or channel systems and surrounding grounds. This collection and slow dispersion of stormwater is often referred to as stormwater detention. OSD Tanks (Onsite Detention Tanks) are often referred to as on-site detention tanks. OSDs are mostly compulsory for new or recently-renovated constructions or developments. On-site stormwater detention is a means of detaining the stormwater from your site to ensure all development areas can be safely controlled. Many councils have specific stormwater detention requirements for residential and commercial developments.

Why is stormwater detention necessary?
The requirement to detain stormwater on-site has arisen from the increase in the number of dwellings within Council areas. This increase in density, as well as house sizes, is resulting in more hard surfaces requiring drainage into Council drainage infrastructure. Underground stormwater detention tanks are now often a Council requirement in the development planning approval process.


Drainwell Cells are Trafficable
Low-cost Drainage System
Easily Adapted to Projects
Eliminates Open Stormwater Sumps
Lightweight Construction

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