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Drainwell Plastic Leach Drain
What Is A Leach Drain?

A leach drain is not a treatment system but rather a method of disposing the effluent that comes from septic tanks. Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains are an absorption trench or bed that provide dispersal of effluent from wastewater treatment units. Effluent dispersal can be through percolation or evapotranspiration (ETS).

Leach drains can be supplied in kits to suit your required length.

IMPORTANT – Please Note: All of our tanks include a bottom/base panel. Other suppliers only include the bottom on the first tank which compromises the strength of the system.

Seepage holes in the sides and base assist with seepage of effluent. The leach drain design is governed by a number of factors.

These factors can include:

  • the size of the leach drain,
  • amount of liquid waste to be disposed of,
  • type of soil around it,
  • how it is built.

IMPORTANT: Every Novaplas Drainwell Leach Drain module is supplied with a base, also known as a bottom panel. This base panel will increase the life cycle of your system.

Drainwell Septic Effluent Disposal Lines have a very effective infiltration surface area. To stop sand filling the leach drain modules, the modules are specifically wrapped in geo cloth filter wrap. Effluent from Septic tanks is disposed of through Leach Drains. Read More...

Septic tanks consist of either one or two watertight cylindrical tanks as well as one or two sets of drainage cells which have seepage holes in the sides and base.

Types of absorption trenches and beds:
  1. Drainwell plastic leach drains are the most effective absorption trenches or beds surrounded with distribution aggregate.
  2. Conventional piped trench. A slotted pvc distribution pipe with distribution aggregate surround.
  3. Self-supporting arch trench. An arch covered with distribution aggregate.
  4. Boxed Trench. A trench made from brickwork or precast reinforced concrete surrounded by distribution aggregate.
Drainwell Pipe Connection

Pipe connection is very simple due to a 90mm cut out guide and a 150mm cut out guide in the Drainwell panels. The Drainwell Plastic Septic leech drain will accommodate up to 225mm OD PVC pipe.

Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains are used for either new builds or existing homes and buildings. These leach drains are made for the disposal of effluent from septic systems. They can also be used for plastic soakwells. Some examples of applications where leach drains are used include:

  • Residential houses
  • Residential sub-divisions
  • Commercial projects

Are Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains Approved for use by the Dept. of Health WA ?

Yes, the Department of Health WA has approved Drainwell Modules for use specifically as Leach Drains.

Who makes Drainwell Plastic Leach Drains ?

Novaplas Group in Canning Vale manufactures Drainwell Leach Drains as well as Polypropylene Soakwells.

Plastic WWTP Leach Drain Size

Drainwell modules are 755mm (long) x 400mm (wide) x 440mm (high).

The modules are placed either end-on-end, or side-by-side to achieve the required length.

Leach Drain Kit Assembly


Plastic Leach Drain Large PanelPlastic Leach Drain Small Panel

Assembly Instructions:

First, place 1 x Large Panel onto a firm flat surface and insert 3 x small panels with the 400mm side (side with long pins) into the large panel. Use a rubber mallet, if required, to lightly tap and lock the panels together at every stage.

Then, place a large panel on to the top of the small panels.

Now, turn the module over and place a large panel on to the top.

Once the above step is completed, turn the module over and place final panel onto the top of the module.

Leach Drain Design

Plastic Leach Drains

Plastic Leach Drains

Plastic vs Concrete Leach Drains

  • Drainwell Leach Drains are generally more cost effective than concrete leach drains. This is due to factors including the manufacturing process, as well as transport costs.
  • Plastic Leach Drains are light weight and as a result very easy to install. On the other hand, concrete leach drains are heavy and generally need a lifting machine during the leach drain installation.
  • Furthermore, Plastic Leach Drains are supplied as an unassembled leach drain kit to minimize transport costs.
  • Drainwell leach drains are made from 100% recycled materials, therefore, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Plastic leach drains are also chemically inert. As a result, they are not affected by harmful chemicals and will not split or decay.
  • Concrete leach drains have steel reinforcing bars internally which provide the needed strength for the structural walls. Consequently, the steel bars could rust and cause the leach drain to break down and fail.

Drainwell Leach Drains have a rapid assembly and installation procedure so that your project can be completed quickly.

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⇒ Made from 100% recycled materials, therefore, unharmed by chemicals.

» Flat packed, Easy to handle, as well as easy to Transport

⇒ The modules are light weight, hence assembly is easy

» Drainwell Leach Drains are also simple to install

⇒ Panels clip together easily by hand.

» Greater capacity due to large module size

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