Polymer Brick Ties

Australia’s Favourite Masonry Brick Ties

Novaplas Brick Ties are the cost effective way to help your brickwork stand the test of time. These simple, inexpensive polymer Masonry Wall Ties, Cavity Wall Ties, and Acoustic Brick Ties are strong, durable, safe to handle, and significantly cheaper than stainless steel ties.

Ni-Ties™ are available in a range of sizes and forms to suit most applications.

Polymer Wall Tie Spacing

Generally there are 3.6 units per m2 which is the same as stainless steel or galvanised wall ties.

Overall Length Of Polymer Wall Ties

NTIE50 – 180mm

NTIE100 – 230mm

STIE50 – 115mm

VTIE50 – 165mm

ATIE50 – 180mm

Why Choose Ni-Ties ?

  • Plastic Brick Ties eliminate the problem of electrolysis in steel-framed houses when using dissimilar metals.
  • Ni Ties will not corrode in areas near the sea or industrial zones because they are chemically resistant, unlike galvanised wall ties that corrode and become ineffective.
  • Plastic Wall Ties have rounded edges and are lightweight, for this reason, handling is much safer and quicker.
  • High strength and stiffness make them ideal for areas subject to intense natural conditions, for example, high wind, earthquakes, and cyclones.
  • Polymer Resilient Brick Ties are used to specifically reduce air-borne noise transference.
  • Ni-Ties have acoustic properties greater than steel brick ties, furthermore, the Ni Tie Acoustic Cavity Wall Tie provides a greater reduction of noise and vibration transference.

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