Bar Guards and Star Picket Caps

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Bar Guards and Star Picket Caps Made In Australia

Novaplas manufactures Bar Guards and Star Picket Caps. These safety caps are UV Stabilised specifically for Australian sun conditions. Furthermore, they won’t lose colour quickly when used in harsh sun conditions.

The Connecting Tie attached to the base prevents the star picket cap falling to the ground. Flag line and orange barrier mesh can also be held in place with the connecting tie. On many building sites, duct tape or cable ties are used to secure the safety caps to star posts.

The Novaplas Barguard is manufactured in Bright Yellow and available in bags of 100 pieces. The highly visible yellow stands out on building sites, as a result, serious injuries are reduced. These safety caps are removable and reusable.

Protruding reo-bar and star posts are a serious hazard on construction sites. Novaplas Bar Guards and Star Post Caps are designed to fit over the top of these exposed stakes which reduces the risk of cuts and abrasions.

Novaplas Group also offers Plastic Star Post/Pickets in white at 1800mm.

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