Plastic Soakwells

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Polypropylene Soakwells control stormwater runoff. They are used in new and existing homes and buildings. Polypropylene Soakwells can be installed below trafficable areas since they are very strong.

Plastic Soakwell systems usually cost less than a concrete soakwells.

Plastic Soakwells are very easy to install. A DIY Handyman can install Drainwell soakwells. Drainwell Soakwells come in a flat pack kit.

Drainwell Soakwells are made in Australia. They have a very effective infiltration surface area. Therefore, stormwater soaks into the ground at a faster rate than other types of soakwells. The Drainwell Plastic Soak Well is wrapped in geo cloth filter wrap specifically to keep sand out of the soak well.

A 90mm stormwater pipe will fit to either the side or the top of the soakwell.

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